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New Online eating disorder therapy groups forming
As a seasoned eating disorder specialist for the past 5 decades, I have facilitated many eating disorder therapy-support groups over the years, all of which proved to be healing, gratifying and enjoyable learning experiences. Many past participants have reached out to inquire when I would be starting new groups, but the logistics of travel on Chicago’s icy winter roads and participants’ availability have typically made it difficult to put these groups together. Our current lifestyle of sheltering-in-place and social distancing, having left ED individuals at a disadvantage in discontinued face-to-face support, has also provided benefits in opening new doors through Zoom and telehealth therapeutic experiences, now available in the comfort of your own home. If you might be interested in participating in an online group experience, or are aware of someone else who might be, I would like to cordially invite you to join me and other like-minded people in healing, and in sustaining recovery goals achieved.

Groups offered
I am currently offering two online group therapy experiences, each with a focus on eating disorder recovery. All groups will offer mindful, cognitive-behavioral strategies within the uniquely interpersonal dynamics of therapeutic group process and relationships.
  1. Support/therapy/somatic movement group for ED adults. Offered in a series of 3 sessions The fulfillment of the intention to change habitual behaviors requires changes in the body and nervous system (mindful movement), as well as the mind. The proposed therapy/support group offers a unique, cutting-edge somatic education experience. As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, I will provide participants the opportunity to enjoy the research-proven benefits of mindful movement in fostering and sustaining eating disorder recovery. This, along with a traditional CBT-based talk therapy format, will offer much needed communal support at a time when face-to-face treatment is unavailable. I will provide movement sequences, sitting or standing, as part of every session. Movement is the language of the brain. By re-organizing and re-integrating a fragmented conceptualization of the self within the brain, this cutting-edge adjunct to traditional treatment virtually “re-images” one’s Self. In accessing the disparate nervous system, these functions further enhance healing and the sustainability of integrative change.

  2. Coaching /Support group for parents mentoring their ED child’s recovery.. Offered in a series of 3 sessions
    An eating disorder becomes an intrinsic part of a family system, both difficult to fully comprehend and manage. Harder still, is knowing how best to support the ever-changing needs of the recovering ED child. The coronavirus compounds uncertainty, fear and social isolation, presenting its own challenges through sheltering-in-place, increased anxiety, mood disturbances, food insecurity and/or shortages, communication disturbances, and conflict in the home, all exacerbated by the unmet need for privacy in the face of secretive behaviors. Parents require psycho-education, intelligent sensibility to issues at hand, and compassion, as their child’s sole providers of embodied therapeutic interventions and support.

Alternative days and times (CST) for prospective treatment groups are listed below. Group options include daytime and evening meetings. Enter group choice, and preferences for days and times, on Contact Information attached below. Groups will begin in May or June.
Monday: 11:30 to 1:00 pm / 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:30 to 1:00 pm / 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:30 to 1:00 pm / 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Thursday: 11:30 to 1:00 pm / 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Friday: 11:30 to 1:00 pm / 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Sunday: 6:30 to 8:00

Cost per session and general information
-The cost for participation is $35 for each of a series of three 90-minute sessions (which will include overtime, if needed.)

-Participants will be asked to commit to consecutive group meetings for a period of 3 weeks. Prior to the start of each group, full payment ($105) may be made through PayPal or by check at the time of registration.

-In anticipation of the group experience, please submit a brief description of your, (or your child’s) past ED experience, treatment, and recovery history, as part of your contact information.

-Be aware that I will make myself available to prospective group participants who would appreciate the opportunity to engage with me individually, via Zoom, prior to the first group meeting. The cost for the one-to-one session is $190.

-Please be aware that, though I am a preferred provider, I do not belong to the panels of most insurance companies. Depending on your policy, you may need to contact your company to see if you are eligible for coverage.

Please register here.

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About Abbie, and About Feldenkrais movement techniques.

Thank you.

Abigail H. Natenshon, MA, LCSW, GCFP
Director, Eating Disorder Specialists of Illinois
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