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Online Telehealth Eating Disorder Therapy Groups Offered
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  • Might your child have an eating disorder?
  • Are you at a loss for how best to support your child’s recovery?
  • Have you found a supportive and expert team of ED professionals who value your participation in your child’s treatment?
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  • Are you seeking treatment for an eating disorder?
  • Are you seeking guidance in finding the most expert care?
  • If already in treatment, might you benefit from a more effective treatment team?
  • Do you feel compelled to refer eating disorder treatment cases out of your practice?
  • Do you seek a deeper level of expertise, skill-mastery and self-confidence in managing the unique demands and protocols of eating disorder treatment?
  • Are you aware that Abigail provides case consultation to clinicians?
  • Do you know what healthy eating really is?
  • Are you concerned about your weight?
  • Would you like to know how to become more fit and healthy?
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If your answers to these questions are “Yes,” you have come to the right place. Eating disorders are 100% curable, in 80% of effectively treated cases. Whether you are a patient, parent or health professional treating these disorders, this web site will increase your knowledge about eating disorders, offering skills and strategies to procure highly expert care and facilitate a complete and lasting recovery.
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Welcome to this advocacy site, designed to educate and mentor patients, parents, and professionals to use themselves knowledgably and with confidence as advocates for the recovery of these most lethal of all mental health disorders….eating disorders.  The tools and strategies you will find here WORK...they are the product of 45 years of my professional experience treating eating disordered individuals and their families.   Eating disorders are fully curable in 80 percent of cases when recognized and treated in an effective and timely manner. With recovery, individuals get their lives back; parents and families get their loved one back; treating professionals save lives and improve life quality.


Meet Abigail

Abigail is an eating disorders therapist based in Highland Park, Illinois who serves patients nationwide and internationally. She offers cognitive-behavioral, relationship-based, family system-based psychotherapeutic treatment for children, teens, adults, families and groups. She provides diagnostic assessments, as well as consultation for parents and families of eating disordered patients in recovery, school counselors, and health professionals treating eating disorders. She is the founder and director of Eating Disorder Specialists of Illinois.

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Abbie in the Media
Picky Eating Syndrome
101.9 FM News: NYC: ED in Young Children Picky Eating Interview On Oprah On the John Walsh Show On Fox News
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